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Lifemate NigeriaLimited has been established as a furniture manufacturing company in Nigeriafor 11 years. Our traditional business model is based on the company decisionto diversify operations.  LifemateNigeria Limited engages mainly in six large production categories spanning homefurniture, office furniture, kitchen cabinets, sanitary ware, massage chairs,outdoor furniture and wields expertise in Projects planning and execution,interior decoration, and wholesale purchase with over 3,000 product varieties. Ourfactory, Wei-Chi Industry Nigeria located in Lagos covers 200,000square meters.

This wine cabinet is an attractive piece of cabinet, excellentfor mixing and serving drinks and storing wine and other spirits. The fourdrawers on the side can be used as a storage drawers for keeping yourvaluables. The cabinet will help you surprise your guests with deliciousbeverages without having to go to the kitchen. This modern wine cabinet can fitinto any living room space for a man of quality taste and style.


1.     On every #400,000 worth of purchase, acustomer gets free item delivery.

2.     Customers are advised to inspectproducts before appending signatures on the waybill.

ü  Signingthe way-bill serves as an affirmation of goods delivered in good condition.

ü  Lifematewill not bear responsibility for defects/damages afterwards

3.     Lifemate offers installation services ondemanding products.

ü  Installationis free.

ü  Issueson product installations carried out by a third party (E.g. Customer/othernon-certified engineers) will not be treated by the Lifemate after sales unit

 NB: Items returned after installation incurs20% of actual price paid.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 60 × 80 × 140 cm


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